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Stair Runner Design Tips

Decorate your Home Around a Carpet / Stairrunner

The staircase is the first thing visitors see upon entering most homes. How you treat your staircase is a vivid representation of your personality and decor preference.

Having a new stair runner / carpet can drastically change your home's decorating mood. Here are some ideas to guide you in the creative process:

Which Stair Rods should I use?

Our brass stairrods are real brass. Not plated. And you can expect real brass to convey a focus on quality and tradition. This is a truly timeless selection. It looks great with the sisal chocolate stairrunner, where golden tones of the brass compliment the rich brown of the stair runner. It is also predicted to look superb with our new striped design.

Black Stairrods

These are silky, not shiny, and are often used to compliment decor which is focused on oak and cast iron furnishings. They convey a no-nonsense quality finish.

Chrome Stair Rods

Are often used in conjunction with chrome light fittings, switches, and furnishings. They look great in predominantly monochromatic settings and in areas of glass ornamentation and sharp edgy interior designs. They serve as a fabulous compliment to jute natural and black stripes rugs.

Brushed Steel Rods

They are very much the sister of chrome stairrods but are used where an edgy design needs a softer touch. They are made of real stainless steel so there is a keen depth to the tone. They are a beautiful match with our sisal black runner and are complimentary to all striped designs.

View our stair runners & get inspired!

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