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Decorating your Stairway Wall

Do you have a blank piece of wall right beside your stairway? The one that's painted a grotesquely boring shade of white? Fear not, here are some ways to resuscitate that wall and bring it as much life as the rest of your space exudes.

Choosing your Palette

If you are planning to paint over your wall, make sure you choose a shade that complements your stair carpeting as well as the staircase itself.

Making it Personal with Photos

This is quite the no-brainer. No family is without an abundance of family photos, stashed inside drawers, hidden inside dusty photo albums, or waiting to be printed inside the computer. Start gathering some of your favorites, frame them, and hang on the wall for an instant homey effect.

Mix and Match Sizes and Shapes

When it comes to printing your photos, try to have them developed in several different sizes and orientations. This lends a more casual look to your wall. When laying them out on the wall, try not to follow a straight grid and treat the whole thing as a collage for a more fun look.

Uniformity = Elegance

On the other hand, if you want a more structured, classic look, then print just a few family photos in the exact same size and orientation then lay them out in a straight diagonal row. This will also be a great layout for art prints or professional photos you have done - perhaps a series of photos done on one location or theme.

Make it even MORE personal with your child's works of art

Look for some works of art your child / children have done (you know, those finger paintings, "abstract" drawings, and sweet greeting cards they wrote for you), and frame those. It's a good way to reminisce the good old times.

Unique Wall Decor

Etsy's wall hanging section is the perfect place to find some rather marvelous wall decor. I've seen some painted logs, paper origami designs, ceramic sculptures, etc. If you have a wooden staircase, then some rustic wall pieces are in order. Here's a colorful piece that's environmentally friendly, too. It's made of rolled magazines:

Source: via Home on Pinterest

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